Stern says injuries not related to schedule

Is he serious? Of course the schedule is to blame but it seems that David Stern will take any position he feels will put him in a favorable standing with the public.

Now sure, the schedule may not be the sole reason for the rash of injuries that have plagued the NBA recently but it is definitely a culprit. The compacted schedule gives players less time to recover from injuries or even wear and tear from playing so many games in such a short time.

And when a body is strained the way these athletes’ body are then there are bound to be unfavorable results; usually in the form of injuries.

And the injuries we have seen most recently have been very suspicious. We are used to seeing guys injured from tough collisions and things like that but the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose and the New York Knicks’ Iman Schumpert had knees buckle under them without the slightest hint of contact.

Not that knees don’t just blow out but the stress of the schedule probably didn’t help. Schumpert has logged a lot of minutes recently for the Knicks while Rose has suffered injuries all season.

Rose missed 27 regular season games this year after only missing six games total his first three years in the league. After hurting his knee in Game 1 of the Bulls’ playoff matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers he will miss the rest of the playoffs and probably be limited to start the 2012-2013 season.

Dwight Howard is another guy who rarely missed games but his season was ended early due to a herniated disk in his back. Regardless of what Stern says, if the guys who don’t normally have injury issues start to have problems then something is wrong.

But of course Stern will stick to his statement that the schedule is not the cause of these injuries. He even cited some obscure study to validate his point but of course but NBA players will argue different.

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