The road will only get harder for Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the most prolific golfer of our day having won 14 majors so far in his career. At one point it was all but certain that he would surpass Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 major wins but it has been nearly four years since Woods won his last major.

A lot has happened to Woods during this drought. His list of injuries, surgeries and personal problems has sought to derail his career at a time when Woods should probably be at his most dangerous.

Woods is 36 years of age now but age isn’t a deterrent in him achieving his goal of besting Nicklaus’s record. Nicklaus won his last six majors after he turned 35 which is one of the reasons why people are so unwilling to cast doubt on Woods chances to surpass him.

The problem for Woods though is he doesn’t seem to be in the best health which has affected his game. His left knee and Achilles have been giving him problems since before he won his last major back in 2008 but his knee problems seem to stem from a degenerative condition.

Despite all of the surgeries and treatments, Woods knee hasn’t responded and for it to continue to give him so many problems years later is a concern.

Another development that will hinder Woods going forth is that other players don’t fear him the way they used to. Woods’ high level of play for so many years actually forced other golfers to raise their level of play. The guys he faces now are much better than the guys he faced in his prime.

Then there is the lingering issue of Woods’ confidence. He puts on a poker face in interviews but his personal problems with his adultery and divorce seem to weigh on him heavily. This is a guy whose personal life was never an issue in the past but now his whole life seems to be on display adding to the pressure of his major-wins drought.

Despite it all no one doubts that Woods can still catch Nicklaus in the record books. He still has plenty of time to catch Nicklaus but the older he gets and the more questionable his health becomes, the tougher his chances of breaking Nicklaus’s record.

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One Response to The road will only get harder for Tiger Woods

  1. Tsitsi says:

    No, I disagree. He looks great so far at the US OPEN. He will come close to Jack’s rerocd. He’ll probably tie it.As a Tiger hater, you WANT him to perform badly. And when someone WANTS something, they tend to really believe that it will happen. But it’s not going to happen. He is focused on golf right now and when he’s at his best, there is no stopping him. Yeah, he hasn’t been great so far this year, but he’s coming back from an extended absense. Wait a few more months and he’ll be at his best again. He’s looking good at the US OPEN.

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