Seau’s death forces players to reflect on their own mortality

There are players in the league whose passion for football won’t be deterred even by the untimely death of a football great like Junior Seau.

New York Giant Osi Umenyiora and Atlanta Falcon Roddy White say they expect to be in bad health once their careers are over. Both feel they know the risks they are taking and are okay with whatever happens to them once their careers are done.

Although Umenyiora stated he was okay with what may befall him after his playing days were over, he agreed with former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner that he would not want his kids to play football. Umenyiora said he wouldn’t try to stop them if they really wanted to play but if he could get his kids to take another path he would.

A few players have taken Seau’s death a step further though. Seeing Seau’s death as a warning of things to come, offensive lineman Jacob Bell retired from football this month.

Bell had just signed a contract with the Cincinnati Bengals after playing for the St. Louis Rams last season. Although he said Seau’s death wasn’t the only factor in his decision to retire, Bell stated that it played a part.

Former Ohio State linebacker and undrafted rookie free agent Andrew Sweat had been invited to compete for a roster spot with the Cleveland Browns but Sweat who has had concussion problems during his career decided to end his football pursuits.

Sweat said that his health trumped football so he has decided to go to law school instead. Could Seau’s death influence more players to walk away from the game of football?

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