Panthers’ WR Steve Smith not surprised so many players go broke

Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver Steve Smith just turned 33 earlier this month. Despite his age, Smith is still a very productive player and was signed to a three-year extension on Tuesday with a club-option for a fourth year.

Smith hasn’t had to worry about too much financially but he did speak on the problems that other players have had managing money in a radio interview with WFNZ-AM in Charlotte.

“Mismanagement of money doesn’t change because you have a lot of money,” Smith said. Smith knows this for a fact having seen many of his peers struggle financially despite lucrative playing careers.

Smith said that there were a lot of players living paycheck-to-paycheck. “Seventeen weeks out of the year you get paid, and the rest, you have to manage,” Smith stated.

Smith noted that financial ignorance is what gets many players in trouble. “People get dangerous, get desperate, and that’s how you get these guys that do drug runs and start driving down highways with kilos of marijuana just so they can get that fast cash,” Smith added.

Sad thing is we have all heard at least one story like that.

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