Couples in Crisis – Affair Recovery for Pro Athletes and Wives


By Porsha Jones, MS, LMFT

Pro athletes live a unique lifestyle most would consider a separate culture from the mainstream.

Within this culture of pro athletes, adultery and infidelity is considered common practice as reported by many pro athlete spouses and partners that I treat.

Many times these violations are illuminated through social media, as well as headline news which may further isolate a pro athlete couple when they need the most support.

Although this behavior may be common among pro athletes it does not undermine the devastating impact this violation has on their injured partner.

The injured partner may suffer from post-traumatic stress type symptoms which may significantly impair their ability to manage their emotions and restore trust without treatment.

Through proper counseling, a pro athlete couple can be guided through the critical first steps after the discovery of adultery or infidelity.

GROW Counseling has created an Affair Recovery Intensive that is best fit for pro athlete couples struggling with a recent or past discovery of infidelity or an affair.

The goals of the Affair Recovery Intensive is to provide a safe, supportive and structured environment for pro athlete couples navigating the painful and volatile time immediately following the discovery of an affair.

In addition, the pro athlete couple will learn de-escalation skills, how to restore safety and navigate what to tell the children during this time.

The pro athlete couple will spend 8 hours over the course of 2 days with a specially trained marriage intensive therapist to begin the process of moving past the pain, hurt and anger.

If you are a pro athlete or married or dating a pro athlete you can make the initial call.

If you have more questions about the process, you can call us.

Intensive therapists at GROW Counseling know the first step in asking for help is usually the hardest and we are very sensitive to the emotional process.


Porsha Jones, LMFT

Porsha is on the Board of Advisers for the Professional Sports Wives Association, and specializes in working with pro athletes and their families.

Porsha specializes in working with individuals, couples and families experiencing anxiety, grief, depression, major conflict, infidelity, divorce, parenting, career counseling, interracial relationship and blended families.


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