Steps to Heal through an Emotional Injury in Your Relationship

By Porsha Jones, MS, LMFT

Many of the couples I see in my office often appear hurt, angry and disconnected from unresolved emotional injuries suffered from their past.

Some emotional injuries are severe enough and experienced as relationship traumas by one partner. These severely impact the safety and security of a loving relationship.

The wounded partner or partners have typically found a strategy to cope with the underlying emotions associated with the emotional injury.

These strategies are usually unhealthy and continuously lead to a cycle of further hurt, anger and disconnection.

Examples of unhealthy coping strategies after an emotional injury:

  • Withdrawal or avoidance of closeness
  • Critical or contemptuous remarks
  • Needy or clingy behaviors
  • Anger and defensiveness
  • Numbing

Pick up a copy of the book, Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson. Her book outlines steps to forgiveness to help couples heal through emotional injuries and restore safety and security in their relationship.  Contact me to discuss your needs at


About the Author:

Porsha Jones, MS, LMFT

Porsha is on the Board of Advisers for the Professional Sports Wives Association, and specializes in working with pro athletes and their families.

Porsha specializes in working with individuals, couples and families experiencing anxiety, grief, depression, major conflict, infidelity, divorce, parenting, career counseling, interracial relationship and blended families.


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