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I will endorse and adhere to the PSWA’s code of conduct of professionalism, moral, and ethical mannerism at all times, and refer my fellow PSWA members to do the same in order to uphold high standards of a positive image.

I will respect the privacy of my fellow PSWA members and, consistent with PSWA policy, I will not engage in mass mailings or emailings to PSWA members, nor will I solicit PSWA members via mass telemarketing to promote my personal interests for financial gain. Likewise, I will respect and not provide any information (contact information or otherwise) about my fellow members to others outside of our organization without the expressed permission of PSWA member(s).

I will practice due diligence of conducting screenings, before entering into any business dealings transactions with my fellow PSWA members, or person(s) I met through PSWA.

I waive and will hold harmless PSWA and its owners with respect to any business dealings  which I choose to enter with PSWA members or person(s) associated with PSWA or its affiliates, including PSWM.

I understand that the opinions expressed by contributing writers on this web site and in the PSWM are not necessarily those of the staff, editors and publishers of the Professional Sports Wives Magazine, PSWA or members of the PSWA, the pro sports teams, owners, players, the various players associations, their respective staff, the pro leagues, and advertisers who are represented and associated with PSWA and PSWM.

Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for content of all advertisements. Information published in the Professional Sports Wives Magazine is the opinion of the sourced authors. Personal decisions regarding information published on this website or in PSWM should be made after consultation with the reader’s own professional advisors, and is that of the reader or PSWA member’s personal choice.

The accuracy and completeness of the information provided, and the opinions stated herein are not guaranteed or warranted to produce any particular results on behalf of the parties who list their services or seek services via this publication.
The publishers, board of directors, officers, members, authors of Professional Sports Wives Magazine and its subsidiaries utterly disclaim any form of guaranty or warranty with respect to the authenticity, character, integrity, work, ethic, or financial soundness of any of the individuals or entities that are made public throughout the pages of this publication, nor shall be made liable for any loss or profit or any commercial or personal damage that may result from the mutual contacting, employing, or entering into contract of any one party, via any of the information herein presented.

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